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Simon G. Lemon

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Matthew Thomas-Robinson

Actor, Screen Combatant and Firearms Specialist
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Sabina Westrup

Actor, Physical Theatre, Voice-over, Yellow Belt Krav Maga, dance background, yoga.
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Luisa Guerreiro

Actor, Singer, Movement Artist, Motion Capture Performer, Voice Over Artiste, Advanced Stage and Screen Combatant
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Roberto Vivancos

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Sachin Ladva

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Alison Garner

Actor, Singer, Voice Artist, Model, Presenter
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Steve Lewington

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Johnny Foxwell

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Ryan Mercier

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Anthony Traher

Stunt Performer
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Gemma Wallace

Actor, Voice Over Artist, Singer
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Mike Bodie

Actor, Swords & Guns
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Lula Suassuna

Actor. 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German), combat, stunts, firearms, martial arts, sword fighting and other weapons, creature work (zombies, animals, monsters), basic gymnastics, dance, parkour.
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Jeremiah O'Connor

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Lauren Ingram

Actor, singer, dancer, fitness instructor/PT,specialise in boxing
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Gemma Wilks

Actor, Dancer, Singer
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Catherine Lamb

Actor / Voiceover Artist
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Louise Callaghan

Actor, singer and dancer
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Rae Lim

Actor, Dancer, Singer
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Marta Luné

Actor, Dancer, Stage / Film Combat, Advanced Yoga
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Tat Supreme

Actor, dancer, rapper, athlete , voice
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Conor Boru

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Lisa Connell

Stage Combat Teacher/Fight Performer
To support your mocap creation, we have a pool of talented performers on standby. If you need a team to flex, twirl, race, dance or cycle in mocap suits, or simply a solo karate icon, we'll recommend and supply them. Taking the fuss of out filming.

Get in touch to talk through your requirements.