Prime 41

The OptiTrack Prime 41 defines precision. Offering 4.1 MP of the most intelligently processed pixels in the industry, it delivers pixel for pixel performance that outclasses all other cameras.

Prime 17W

With an amazing 70° field of view, spread across 1.7 MP of resolution, the OptiTrack Prime 17W offers expansive camera coverage. Combined with 360 FPS capture rate, it’s a truly multi-talented camera.

Prime 13W

The OptiTrack Prime 13W is an ultra-wide angle camera offering high precision megapixel resolution, 240 FPS capture rate, low latency real time output and the flexibility of a Ethernet/PoE interface.

Flex 3

The OptiTrack Flex 3 camera offers integrated image capture, processing, and motion tracking in a powerful, compact package.

Prime 13

The OptiTrack Prime 13 camera delivers 40′ camera-to-marker range, sub-mm 3D precision, and high-speed 240 FPS capture—all in a surprisingly compact and affordable package.

Flex 13

Introducing the OptiTrack Flex 13, offering the cleanest data that $1.5K can buy. A medium volume motion capture camera with excellent precision.

Slim 13e

The OptiTrack Slim 13E camera features multiple lens and filter options, 240 FPS capture, and GigE I/O for high-speed, high-precision computer vision and OEM.

Motive : Body

OptiTrack Motive:Body offers uncommonly simple workflows and impeccable body tracking data, including precision finger tracking in large volumes with high subject counts—perfect for indie studios and AAA production houses alike.

Motive : Tracker

Engineered to track objects in 6DoF with exacting precision—with support for real-time and offline workflows—OptiTrack Motive Tracker is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding engineering and research applications.


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