Target3D work with all manufacturers in order to most effectively fulfil your motion capture needs - please see our individual product pages, listed below, for information on the latest models in each brand.

Our experts are waiting to help you so give us a ring on 020 3488 2575 and we’ll be happy to advise on the suitable products for you.
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We have full body systems for passive optical tracking, magnetic tracking and active and passive hybrid optical systems. We have motion capture gloves, facial motion capture solutions including head mounted cameras and full body tracking suits to help you deliver incredible performance capture.

We are happy to pass along educational pricing for many of our products for schools, staff and students as made available by our manufacturers.


We invite you to our brand new demo space here in Hoxton to try the tech before you buy. Meet the experts and experience our biomechanics area, edit suite, VR area and the mocap stage.

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