Here at Target3D we work with all manufacturers in order to most effectively fulfil your motion capture needs - please see our individual product pages, listed below, for relevant information on the latest models in each brand.

If in any doubt re: your specific requirements, give us a ring on (+44) 0203 488 2575 and we’d be happy to talk through what product will work best for you.

We are glad to pass along educational pricing for many of our products for schools, and staff, and students as made available by or manufacturers.

Product Lines:

Types of questions we need to answer:

1. What type of motions need to be tracked?
2. Is the motion fast or slow?
3. Simple or intricate?
4. Number of markers/performers?
5. How close do performers need to get to each other?
6. How are the performers interacting?
7. Indoors, outdoors, a permanent or temporary space?
8. Do you need real-time capabilities?
9. Do you need to synchronise with other sources such as audio or video?
11. Which software do you need to integrate with?
12. Do you need an API or SDK to write your own driver?