Rather than painstakingly animating often complex, subtle movements in people and objects, engineers have now devised much more efficient methods of tracking paths for robot re-enactment.

The automation of flight paths or production lines can now be honed using optical tracking equipment to gather a constant global position.

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Using Passive or Active markers, alongside hybrid opts-inertial systems, we can effectively track a large number of unique markers or rigid bodies in large warehouse scale environments (or even outside!)
  • Our real time tracking systems are the world’s choice for low latency, precision 6DoF tracking for ground and aerial robotics (UAV’s).
  • Fast-truck fight plans, makes path finding much easier & more accurate to real-life, direct connection to all the major control systems.
  • Our drone and ground robot tracking systems consistently produce positional error less than 0.3mm and rotational error less than 0.05°.  It varies mildly on the capture environment, but it is often even better than those figures.
  • Our free developer tools provide access to camera images, centroids, reconstructed 3D points, rigid body 6DoF position and orientation, and nearly everything in between.


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