Rather than painstakingly animating often complex, subtle movements in people and objects, engineers have now devised much more efficient methods of tracking paths for robot re-enactment.

The automation of flight paths or production lines can now be honed using optical tracking equipment to gather a constant global position.

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Using Passive or Active markers, alongside hybrid opts-inertial systems, we can effectively track a large number of unique markers or rigid bodies in large warehouse scale environments (or even outside!)
  • Our real time tracking systems are the world’s choice for low latency, precision 6DoF tracking for ground and aerial robotics (UAV’s).
  • Fast-truck fight plans, makes path finding much easier & more accurate to real-life, direct connection to all the major control systems.
  • Our drone and ground robot tracking systems consistently produce positional error less than 0.3mm and rotational error less than 0.05°.  It varies mildly on the capture environment, but it is often even better than those figures.
  • Our free developer tools provide access to camera images, centroids, reconstructed 3D points, rigid body 6DoF position and orientation, and nearly everything in between.


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OptiTrack Prime17W

With an amazing 70° field of view, spread across 1.7 MP of resolution, the OptiTrack Prime 17W offers expansive camera coverage. Combined with 360 FPS capture rate, it’s a truly multi-talented camera.

Wide angle FOV with edge to edge coverage
The OptiTrack Prime 17W’s wide angle 70 degree FOV offers true, edge to edge coverage across the camera’s image sensor. Most wide angle motion capture cameras suffer from vignetting on their edges, which can significantly reduce their effective coverage. OptiTrack have engineered the Prime 17W lens to perfectly match the imager’s resolution, ensuring that its performance actually lives up to its impressive specs.

Maximize volume size in smaller spaces
With the OptiTrack Prime 17W’s wide angle format and impressive range—two features that rarely co-exist in a motion capture camera—you can extract impressive capture volumes, even out of compact setup spaces. The Prime 17W delivers the hallmarks of Prime Series performance, like industry-leading 3D precision and easy-to-use setup and operation, in a package that produces the largest possible capture volumes in labs and studios that are under 50’.

Intuitive & elegant design
In designing the Prime series, we considered the complete lifetime of a motion capture camera—from unboxing to setup, capture, and teardown. Each process is elegantly accommodated with a nod to simplicity and usability.
In addition to the essentials you’re accustomed to, you’ll discover several new features that will make you wonder how you got on without them. Enjoy innovations like our Aim Assist technology for single-user setup and our on-camera visual health and activity indicator.