Case Studies

    sentiment_very_satisfied Somnai, Immersive VR
    There's no way that we could have ever done this without their [Target3D] help… to keep this thing alive and make it come alive.
    Carl Guyenette, Head Creative Technologist
    The success of multi person VR as demonstrated by The Void coupled with the excitement of immersive theatre companies like Punchdrunk & Secret Cinema led dotdotdot to find out what happens when you combine the two and it's pretty exciting!

    In terms of VR arcades, China and the US have really pioneered the way and we've seen VR arcades pop up in cities all over the globe. Many of these are based on off-the-shelf consumer technology and leverage Steam Site License content. Larger installs such as, Zero Latency, The Void and Ellipsis offer bespoke VR experiences for up to six players at a time, to explore a new world using passive and active tracking technologies developed by OptiTrack. We recently helped deliver one of these installs for Somnai.

    SOMNAI is a genre-defying immersive tech and theatre experience, combining virtual reality with a jaw-dropping set design and unnerving actors to form a completely unique production company.

    dotdotdot came to us to understand how the latest in tracking technologies could be leveraged to deliver this groundbreaking project.

    With an overarching narrative of lucid dreaming, our task was to deliver a 6 person VR walk-through experience utilising real world objects for tactile input as well as tracked props that the actors can move through the virtual scene.

    Take a look at the video to hear Head Creative Technologist, Carl Guyenette, explain a little more about the technologies involved.
    Future Tech Show
    Target3D is a close affiliate to DETC and they reside within our office on the Olympic park. They are also one of the major resellers in the UK for all things AR and VR
    Dr Kevin Rampersad
    Showcasing Active Tracking at an Automotive event in London, UK.

    Target3D were approached by DETC, part of HSSMI to deliver some high accuracy tracking demonstrations to attendees at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

    Target3D delivered sub-mm accuracy Active Puck tracking with data driving into Unity for basic visualisation.

    Target3D also showcased remote collaborative VR platform, Vizible and some other leading-edge 3D technologies in the VR sphere including motion platforms and 3D holograms.

    Future Tech Show provided us an opportunity to meet with individuals from the Automotive & AEC industries and will lead to some exciting new projects currently on the horizon.

    Take a look at the short video for a few shots of what we put together.


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