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Target3D specialise in the integration of cutting-edge tracking technologies.

Working across all industries - we provide innovative tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, hologram creation, movement sciences, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback. Located in our London studio and with over 15 years' expertise, expect nothing but extraordinary products, support and training. Stay on-budget, stay on-time and #StayOnTarget


Our Demo Space. Located here in East London, we've got the space for you to experience our wide range of technologies.


With us when it suits you. We're on hand with expert consultants with anything you need. International support in your timezone.


Processes our what we strive for. We deal with everything. From import taxes & shipping to handling fees. We've got you.


The Home of Motion Capture

With 15 years’ expertise in the field, our team are passionate about delivering the most innovative mocap technologies. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a seamless, stress-free service, providing you with the best tracking solutions around.

Our Solutions & Products

Not sure what you’re looking for when it comes to Motion Capture? Or perhaps you do, you just need to consult with the experts. We’ve got you. We cover tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, hologram creation, movement sciences & biomechanics, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback.

Our Prices

We strive to be number one for Motion Capture tracking solutions in London. For this, we’ll take your budget and special requirements into account when we discuss which product is best for you.

See example prices for some of our existing products:
  • Motion capture gloves starting at £500 each to £2,000 a pair.
  • Full body systems starting at £2,000 for passive optical tracking
  • Active & passive hybrid optical systems starting at £20,000
  • Facial motion capture solutions, inc head mounted camera systems starting at £1,500

Want to chat? Call us on (+44) 0203 488 2575 or tell us what you need below.

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Can 3D technologies make us more productive?
Our answer is, yes!
Learn how to up-skill your team and improve growth and development. In this report, you’ll find the best ways to integrate XR technology into existing systems and workflows. Start to prepare your own XR strategy today. Download your free report here.

3D tracking spans across verticals from Animation through to Simulation. We track humans, objects, even robots! We also anticipate drones will work autonomously in spaces. Our systems provide sub-mm accuracy can run at very high speeds - meaning engineers can control and understand the vehicles they are manipulating in real-time with close to zero latency.

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The Home of Motion Capture:


Welcome to Target3D, the Home of Motion Capture Systems, based in London, UK.
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